Year of the Most Boring Christmas Stamps Ever

Once upon a time Christmas used to be exciting. Breathless Christmas fanatics would count down the days to the October debut of new Christmas stamps so they could decide which stamp would grace the outside of every Christmas card they would send.

Now hardly anyone sends Christmas cards any more.

Maybe that is why the USPS has release what have to be perhaps the most boring Christmas stamps in the history of postal Christmas.

Think about it. Last year we had Charlie Brown Christmas stamps, honoring the 50th anniversary of the iconic Christmas television special. This year we have this:

boring Christmas stamps

Despite false reports that the USPS wouldn’t make religious themed stamps any more many of the new “sacred stamps” seem to follow this idea of “boring”:

What’s a stubborn Christmas card sender to do with choices like this? Well, maybe you could go with an alternative holiday altogether, say, Halloween:


But those are rather boring too. Maybe this year the answer is Star Trek and Wonder Woman:

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