Christmas searches way up

Social Media Christmas is Hopping

Pinterest says searches for Christmas are off the charts. It’s summer, it’s the 4th of July weekend and people should be too busy for such nonsense from the silly season, some say.

But think about. There are no sporting events. No concerts. Few open camp grounds. Even public fireworks have been curtailed. People just have nothing to do.

So folks are doing Christmas. Lights are up. Trees are up.  Radio stations are blaring Christmas music. And searches all over show that interest in Christmas is at an all-time high.

Says Pinterest:

In the face of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, people are looking forward to looking forward. 2020 has been a hard year, and consumers are craving the comfort of the holidays. They want this season to feel more festive than ever before, and they’re asking for brands to help them get there.

Christmas groups, communities, podcasts and websites are all reporting greater traffic and interest than is typically seen this time of year.

“Nothing is normal about this year,” says Jeff Westover of Normally the months of April and May are the pit of the year. Not much in Christmas is happening. But not this year. It’s been wall-to-wall Christmas all year.”

Westover says that going forward, due to COVID-19, the year looks to be huge for Christmas online. MyMerryChristmas will be hosting “the biggest Christmas in July celebration in its history” and the expecation is that Christmas will remain a focus the rest of the year.

“It’s comfort, it’s familiar, it’s safe, it’s controllable,” Westover says. “We see it on all our social media channels, on our associated websites, in the letters to Santa, and the listeners to our podcasts. People want Christmas in times like these.”

Those tied to prognosticating the pandemic are hesitant to predict what kind of Christmas it will be. Some are saying that the United States has not yet hit the 2nd wave of Coronavirus, while others say it is just beginning. Some are predicting it will get worse as the seasons change.

Christmas isn’t going anywhere. Folks are going to celebrate. Covid or not.

And they are willing to light up social media in talking about it. Look for this trend to continue all year long.

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