Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree May Stand Alone

The famous Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is going up for Christmas 2020. You can take that to the bank. Officials said today there’s no stopping the world famous tree from being there for Christmas.

It’s just that it is not likely anyone will be there in person to see it.

The tree is an annual and national tradition. Folks all over the country watch it on TV. Not only do they love the tree they can’t wait to watch Mariah Carey butcher her own Christmas music as part of the festivities.

A tree is selected from somewhere around the country. Usually a Christmas fan with a massive 300-year-old tree offers to sacrifice it to be the centerpiece of Christmas in New York City.

We’re sure that story will hit the media soon.

New York City actually pays someone to travel around the country to scout for a tree. Obviously it’s a skiled position because no matter what that tree usually looks amazing.

But with COVID-19 dominating the news and life for everyone everywhere nearly every Christmas tradition is questionable this year. So while officials are saying there will be a tree they won’t yet admit that there will be a crowd there when the lights flip on.

But you can bet NBC will milk the event for every penny. It’s televised, which is exactly how most people see this tree go up anyway.

Another famous tree is the official National Christmas Tree in Washington DC. There has been no word yet on whether that is happening. Probably because they have not figured out a way to keep protesters from setting it on fire if it ever goes up.

The traditional lighting of the official National Christmas Tree also gets televised every year. But for whatever reason it does not get the ratings that the New York City tree event does.

Both event are nearly the century mark in terms of tradition. But the chaos of 2020 has put nearly every tradition at risk. It appears that New York City has a plan to get this tree up to continue their streak.

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Chris Yager

I believe that this current pandemic will have some effect on Christmas this year. But considering all the anxiety going around with racial tension and COVID, we will need these traditions more than ever. I have seen Christmas as much more than a tree, presents and decorations. It is a feeling and a time of year when people do seem to go out of their way to actually act in a manner we all know we should 365 days a year.

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