Petition Blasts Store Over Christmas Shirt

It’s not even Halloween yet and the crazies are out already complaining about Christmas fashions.

Last year, a hubbub in the U.S. and Canada arose over shirts claiming the wearer had O.C.D — Obsessive Christmas Disorder — and that the shirt mocked those with a real disorder.

A similar claim is gaining some speed online against a UK market owned by Walmart selling a shirt that shows a melting snowman with the titled “I’m having a meltdown”. According to one report “parents” are upset about the shirt because it supposedly makes fun of people who have real meltdowns.

So we’re now supposed to ban the word meltdown on a t-shirt?

It’s a Christmas shirt, folks. Not a social statement. It’s something to wear at the mall on Saturday as you look for stuff to go in stockings. It’s something you might wear on a sleigh ride and when you put up a Christmas tree.

Good grief. Is there anything people can’t be offended by these days?

Meltdown Christmas shirt
This is a design similar to the shirt in Asda market that is causing so much offense.

Klement Klark Klaus

K. Klark Klaus is a former professor of theology and, as an academic, abhors the titles of "writer" and "reporter". As a New Yorker he was prominent on his essays on religion for many decades before retiring with his wife to Vermont, where he raises reindeer and writes, er, opines for Christmas Weekly.