Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party Trailer #2 Released

More people will see this trailer than will see this movie — Office Christmas Party. There are two reasons for that.

First, like many trailers, this condenses the entire movie down to two minutes. Honestly, you’re not missing anything here but the popcorn. I hate when trailers leave nothing let for the film. This is one of those.

Second, this is a bad movie. That much the trailer makes absolutely clear.

Hollywood seems to come out with a movie like this every year. These aren’t Christmas movies. These are movies that just use Christmas as a backdrop for terrible stories that feature awful people in thin plots acting incredibly irresponsible. This is what some in Hollywood call “comedy”.

It ain’t funny.

This one just happens to feature Jennifer Aniston as the hottest CEO ever and the only one who appears to be a grown-up in this story:

Now, after watching that, do you feel worthy of calling your mother?

Would you even in the slightest way consider for one second even showing that trailer to your priest? Or school teacher? Or child?

C’mon, folks. There has to be better ways to get a light Christmas laugh than that.

Isn’t Bad Santa 2 out?

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