Santa Kurt

Netflix Makes Santa Rock

Netflix is bringing out a new Christmas movie called The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russell. The previews are going wild online:

The gritty, modern Santa with the gray — not white — beard is just part of the story. The flick tells the story of two kids who scheme to catch Santa on video when comes at Christmas. They get caught and Santa Kurt takes him for a ride.

But this ain’t your Daddy’s Santa. Santa’s got an edge to him. If the trailer above it to be believed you almost expect him to be packing some kind of heat.

That’s because Santa has some kind of holiday to save — his own. We don’t know yet why Christmas is in trouble in the film but it is pretty clear that this Santa is willing to forego tradition and every holiday norm to shed the Norman Rockwell image of Santa’s Christmas past.

Making Santa sexy or even funny isn’t a problem. Toughening him up, slimming him down and giving him the swagger of Wyatt Earp is okay too. But what sacred cows will be tipped or slaughter in the process with Netflix?

Ask me after it debuts around Thanksgiving.

Right now we don’t know whether to love this guy….or fear him.

Come to think of it, that’s the way we felt about Santa when we were three years old.

Some things never change.

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