Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus is…Not Nice

Okay, okay….so the British like their commercials to play like little movies. We don’t need them to make social statements.

Behold the new ad from Marks and Spencer, which we can only assume is a snooty British department store. Their new ad takes on the previously demure reputation of Mrs. Claus — and they turn her into a cold hearted wife who likes to upstage her old fashioned husband…in secret. Watch this pathetic excuse for a Christmas story:

We have no problem with strong or even dominant women. But this superhero Mrs. Claus is just too much.

First of all, who does the casting? This Father Christmas character is standing on death’s door. He’s wretchedly old and admittedly feeble as Mrs. Claus has to remind him to not forget Australia as he heads out for his Christmas ride.

But he’s not gone five minutes before she escapes to her secret lair and hops onto her hidden helicopter to ride to the home of the ONLY child she has the heart to pay any attention to. While at the house she steals Santa’s cookies and then gives him a knowing and a sneering glare as she spots him on the roof.

Of course, she escapes back to the North Pole and plays dumb when he shows up at the end of his rounds.

This kind of re-writing of Santa history is sordid business. It’s enough to make Santa a bachelor again — which he was in the first place.

If this is Mrs. Claus she deserves a lump of coal in her stocking.

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