Leon Day

Movement to Make Leon Day a National Holiday Grows

Justin Wreath is a dyed-in-the-wool Christmas fanatic. He celebrates Christmas with lights, blow molds, trees and music. The Wisconsin native claims he has a tree that stays up year round. Now he is taking his love of Christmas to a new level as the writer of a new proposal to make Leon Day a National Holiday.

Leon Day is June 25th, the official half way mark to Christmas. Over the course of the past decade the date has become something of an Internet phenomenon as sites, communities and social media channels has picked up on the day.

Wreath says that it is an idea that has come — and he’s filed a petition at Change.org to make it happen. Click here to read the petition— and sign — if you support it.

“Leon Day is more than a marker. It is an event,” Wreath said. “People use the date to gather around televisions to start watching the cable shopping channels while other channels like Hallmark start running Christmas in July movies on that date. Others hold parties, hang decorations, some even go so far as to send Christmas cards on the date — just as a reminder for their Christmas friends.”

Wreath argues that the date is not only for Christmas lovers. He claims it is also for Christmas haters.

“The long winter and spring kind of distract people from thinking of Christmas. Memorial Day comes along and the next thing you know people are all about sunblock and sandals. We need Leon Day for the haters too — those who complain about Christmas Creep, those who detest hearing Christmas music when it isn’t Christmas, those who blanche at the idea of Christmas trees in public — those people need Leon Day too to know when to start cranking up their protests and when to start whining about it all. Leon Day is the all-new kickstarter to the season and we think everyone, regardless of their take on Christmas, should be in on it.”

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