Lindsey Stirling Sells Out

Yawn. Lindsey Stiling has a new Christmas video out.

You can see it below if you can stand it. Yeah, she can fiddle. But if you think this is the same fresh faced wonder of five years ago think again.

Lindsey Stirling has sold out. Gone secular.

Every video now seems to feature her writhing more than dancing, wearing trashy little outfits and all the symbols of secular celebration of…what?

Just what does Lindsey Stirling believe any more?

She’s going to remain successful. Sell outs often do. The money rolls in for the shallow artist who plays to the same script.

We had hopes for Lindsey once upon a time. They were built on the purity behind the music, the strength of traditional values held up against the tide of secular imaging, and a talent that was defining a resurgent love of classic music.

We begged her — personally — for more of the same in Christmas music.

But she’s sold out. Gone rogue.

Just look at the Christmas album she’s put out. It’s full of the secular sellouts of sex sirens: Santa Baby, Let It Snow, and this weird version of The Grinch. We’re all for having fun. But this album’s got a weird vibe that betrays what Stirling once was and screams what we hate most about modern Christmas music.

It is sold at Target. The perfect partner in slime.

Why then do we feature it?

Because we believe some cannot learn what is good and right about Christmas without being shown what is sometimes just awful.

This is pretty awful stuff from Stirling and we’re disappointed.

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