Japanese Santa

Japan Hates Santa

When it comes to Christmas and the happiness that Santa Claus brings the Japanese just aren’t drinking the kool-aid. According to an acclaimed “scientist” in Japan, there’s just no way that Santa Claus exists.

As this video below points out — all in Japanese so you can’t understand it, by the way — Santa accomplishes some pretty amazing physics that are currently out of reach for any other human on earth (or any other planet for that matter) at the present time:

You don’t have to understand Japanese to get what this wrinkled old fart of a scientist is saying. Take a look at him. He hasn’t seen Santa since God was a boy. I would venture a guess that he likely hasn’t had a decent bath in a few years either, considering the looks of him.

Anyway, back to the hard evidence of Santa — which obviously is NOT discussed in the above video.

Look, Jack: Santa comes every year. MILLIONS and MILLIONS testify of it. They hang their stockings and in the morning it appears someone has filled them. That someone is Santa.

Except in Japan. To the Japanese Santa bring Kentucky Fried Chicken. I’m not even kidding about this. KFC is the biggest Christmas tradition Japan has.

And it’s no wonder. They don’t believe in Santa!

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