Honest Truth Behind Honest Trailer for Nightmare Before Christmas

Have you seen it? Honest Trailers has, after 20-something years, finally spoken up about the farce and the fraud that is The Nightmare Before Christmas:

It is about time someone did this. I’ve hated this movie. Hate. Hate. Hate this movie.

Everyone praises this movie. And I don’t get it.

It is not funny. The story is kinda…uh, boring. It makes Santa look like a dope.

It makes Christmas second fiddle to Halloween.

And you can’t even sing to the songs.

Have you tried?

They’re impossible.

The movie causes nothing but confusion. Is it a Halloween movie? Or is it a Christmas movie.

This honest trailer says the movie is only a little more than an hour long. Really? Why does it feel like five hours of torture?

I cannot be alone in hating this movie. It is depressing.

But you can’t say that. This movie is about feelings.

Those are sacred, man. If you diss feelings you are viewed as a kind of terrorist.

So everyone tip-toes around this movie and they pretend they like it. The TRUTH is that no one likes this movie. I’m yet to find anyone anywhere at any time say, “Hey, let’s watch this depressing, unhappy, over-wrought, dark and shameful tale over, say, Rudolph!”

Never gonna happen. Rudolph trounces every time. And why?

Because he’s happy, dude. He’s Christmas.

Admit it. It is okay to hate The Nightmare Before Christmas. You’re not dissing Christmas in the process because it is not a Christmas movie. It is Christmas fraud. It is, at the end of the day, Halloween fraud too.

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