Hipster nativity

Hipster Nativity is the Worst Idea Ever

Hipster NativityThey should have a contest for the worst Christmas idea ever. If they did the all new Hipster Nativity would take the prize.

For just $130 bucks you can own the characters of the Nativity re-imagined as modern millennials. Really. There’s Hispter Joseph (with the man-bun) shown taking a selfie at the manger with adoring Mary, who sports an off-the-shoulder look while holding a pumpkin spice latte in one hand.

We’re only getting started here. Prepare to cringe even more.

The Magi shows up — on Segways, not camels — and they’re carrying boxes labeled “Amazon Prime”, supposedly carrying gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Wait. It gets worse.

A shepherd is there…and just to be sure he’s got a sheep with him, perhaps the only normal one in the whole get up. The shepherd is plugged into his iPad. So much for listening to the herald angels.

There is a cow — labeled organic, of course. And the cow is feeding from a trough labeled “gluten free”.

The whole sordid, blasphemous and disrespectful thing comes from a San Diego based company called Modern Nativity. Clearly this is a pot-based concept sold out of a rented warehouse near El Centro by atheist bigots who have no better ideas on how to make a buck from Christmas.

What they consider humor most consider trash.

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