Halloween Christmas Trees are Officially a Thing

With the cries of Christmas creep ringing in our ears from the moans of the media we see now with our eyes a scene of wonderment and mirth — Christmas trees dressed up for Halloween.

Yup, they are now, officially, a thing.

We should have seen this coming. Nightmare Before Christmas is well beyond 20 years old but ever since that movie we cannot seem to separate Halloween and Christmas. Honestly, I’m not sure we should. After all, they ARE connected.

Check it out:

Instagram is lighting up with images like these above from those getting into the spirit of both holidays.

Unlike a lot of the bogus trends of recent Christmas past (beard baubles anyone?) this is one trend that will likely stick. The irresistible urge to decorate-and-flaunt-and-post is just such a Millennial thing. Approximately four weeks separates Halloween from Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is four weeks before Christmas. That’s a season, folks.

So drag out the Spooky Wassail, deck the halls with bones, and lets trim the tree with goblins and cobwebs. We’ll get to merry and bright stuff a few weeks down the road.

Harold Starr

An old-timey newsman with an eye for the ladies, Harold Starr brings decades of experience from southern North Dakota where he worked for years as the editor of the Herald Star in the city of Flasher, ND (we kid you not). He reports on Christmas Lifestyle, Culture and anything having to do with women, his proclaimed specialty.

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