Pentatonix Christmas

Hallelujah, Pentatonix is Back for Christmas

They are the image of screwed up Millennials. Sexually confused, woefully pierced and sporting all the right hipster hair styles. But they are uber, baby. Uber talented. Uber hot. And uber, uber all over Christmas.

They are, of course, Pentatonix, poster children of a Millennial generation still trying to define itself.

Today they dropped the first cut of their new Christmas album titled A Pentatonix Christmas — a minimalist title for them, for sure. But what a bomb this first video release is. Like their minimalist title, here are our heroes belting out Hallelujah somewhere in a parched desert dressed like it’s cold and Christmas (but we know this was probably shot in the heat of summer). Not matter. Just close your eyes and get a load of these soaring vocals.

Uber perfection, baby:

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