Eggnog Dog Food

Eggnog Kibbles and Bits a Huge Hit with Dogs

The makers of Kibbles and Bits are celebrating a big victory with the successful marketplace roll out of Eggnog flavored Kibbles and Bits. Grocers from coast to coast are experiencing a run on the product because dogs just can’t seem to get enough of it.

“Yes, we’re surprised,” admitted Vice President of Product Development Andy Barnes of Purina, who developed the holiday dog food concept. “We expected to do well with Poodles and Pomeranians. They are, after all, party dogs. But we never saw the Bulldog demand coming. It’s a total shock.”

The eggnog flavored dog food hit shelves after tests of pumpkin spice flavored Kibbles and Bits bombed in taste tests. “The long and the short of it is that dogs just don’t like pumpkin,” Barnes said. “It reminds them too much of chasing a ball they can’t catch. It irritates them, makes them feel vulnerable. We just couldn’t get them to take to it. Eggnog, however, tested off the charts and we thought it would do okay but never did we expect the run we’re having with it.”

Dog owners are ecstatic at the new offering and are buying as much of the product as they can get their hands on. “My dog Buster is crazy for the stuff,” said owner Daisy Downs of St. Cloud, Minnesota. “Buster won’t let anyone near him when he eats it and I have to feed it to him in measured amounts because he’ll just woof down the whole bag and get himself sick. He’s got no control with the stuff.”

Happy dog owners are noticing several beneficial side affects from the food, mostly that stools are soft and gas emissions from their pets are something merry now.

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