Disney Christmas

Disney Tokyo Cancels Christmas

Disney has announced that Christmas at Disneyland in Tokyo will not happen this year. Concerns over the ongoing issues with COVID-19 are the cause.

Only ten days into their limited re-opening the amusement park giant concedes that events featuring larger crowds just are not possible given COVID-19 conditions.

Although this announcement is specific to Disneyland Tokyo fans are watching for news that this will affect other Disney parks located around the world.

The July 1 re-opening of Disneyland Tokyo has gone off fine. But there are troubles in the details.

Admission is limited to just a few people and strict rules are in place. Park visitors must wear masks and cannot scream on rides.

In total, 10 events across the two parks have been cancelled, stretching into March of 2021 (the Japanese business year begins in the spring for most companies). The complete list of cancelled events is:

Tokyo Disneyland

● Disney Halloween (originally scheduled for September 11-Novemebr 1)
● Disney Christmas (November 10-December 25)
● Oshogatsu [New Year’s] Program (January 1-5)
● Beauty and the Beast Program (January 13-February 14)

Tokyo Disney Sea

● Duffy and Friends Sunny Fun (June 4-August 26)
● Disney Pirates Summer (July 1-September 2)
● Disney Halloween (September 11-Novemebr 1)
● Disney Christmas (November 10-December 25)
● Oshogatsu [New Year’s] Program (January 1-5)
● Duffy and Friends New Program (January 1-March 25)

Questions remain despite all the announcements. Park visitors want to know, for example, if seasonal decorations will be up this year or if those has been cancelled as well.

Other fans are concerned that cancellations will affect other parks as well, especially in the United States.

Disney is mum on those questions for now.


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