Anna Kendrick

Disney to Make Santa a Girl

Gender flexibility is all the rage these days so why not make Santa a girl, eh? That’s the premise of Disney’s next Christmas project.

Here’s how the story goes: Santa decides to retire and hand the “family business” (who knew?) over to his kids. Evidently, Santa is proud papa to a boy and a girl. His son wusses out at the last second, leaving the diminutive girl — Nicole, played by Kendrick — to become Santa.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Disney has pushed the whole “new Santa” routine on Christmas fans. The whole The Santa Clause franchise starring Tim Allen forever changed the idea of there being one forever Big Guy.

The world survived that, but can it survive the Anna Kendrick girly version?

That remains to be seen. Filming is happening now but no release date for the project has been announced. We assume it will be right around Thanksgiving 2018.

But this is not the only Christmas project Disney has in the works. Another film, titled Dashing through the Snow, stars Kevin Hart in a tale that follows a New York City detective who has a strained relationship with his son.

The only thing that may be able to repair the father-son relationship is the one true Santa Claus who has to make the man believe in Christmas magic.

The film, they say, purports to be a comedy in the vein of Elf.

The one thing you should brace yourself for in that film will be the inevitable discussion about race in Christmas and why Santa can or cannot be a black man. Of course, such an issue not on anyone’s radar but the film seems tailor made to spark that debate.

We hope the film just doesn’t go there. Kevin Hart playing Santa is just fine and nobody cares what race Santa really is. Really.

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