Die Hard

Die Hard, the Christmas Children’s Book

Run — don’t walk — to Amazon right now and order this: an all new, just-for-this-Christmas children’s book titled, “A Die Hard Christmas“.

Yippee-ki-yay, Christmas lovers.

Yes, you can cozy up by the tree with your little one and a healthy dose of John McClane blowing away terrorists, complete with bullets, blood and violence for, oh, about $15.

The all new children’s book comes out in October and is written by comedian Doogie Horner, and illustrated by JJ Horner. It was allegedly inspired by the classic Christmas poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas, but we really know this is all about Die Hard — well, and Christmas.

This sure-to-be-a-collectors edition will most certainly sell out quickly.

Even though the movie is pushing 30 years old Die Hard has long been considered a Christmas classic and that means this book, no doubt, will rank well with the other books of Christmas that are so popular: Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, The Bible, and, of course, Lifesavers Book of Candy.

Now, lest you think this is some cheap merchandising scheme, we urge you to look at the following illustration and judge for yourself how true-to-Die-Hard this book really is:

Die Hard

Now watch the clip:

Puts you in the mood for Christmas, doesn’t it?

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Chris Yager

The term sick comes to mind right away.


Mine is in the mail. Can’t wait. I love to mess with family & friends. I say Its a wonderful life is my favorite movie and Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie. This gives me a chance to pull out the book everytime they wish to debate Die Hard as a Christmas movie. (live to be awnry!) 😉


Of course they would all say this; especially the writer who rakes in plenty of dough over this movie during Christmas. Just because he says so, doesn’t mean it’s so! He’s part of this capitalistic society that feeds off the ignorance/consumerism of people.

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