PC Police Cry Fowl over Christmas Dishtowel

Charleston, South Carolina is home to the latest violation of political correctness tied to Christmas. A gift shop there sold festive gift towel featuring a sprig of mistletoe with the words “Implied Consent” emblazoned below it.

That was enough to outrage one female shopper. College of Charleston student Caroline Connell, 21, noticed the dish towel on display at C’est La Vie on Market Street on Saturday. She snapped a picture of it and posted it online.

“Literally WHO signed off on this???,” Connell wrote on Facebook. “why is this the first thing you see when you walk in c’est la vie on market st.???? wildly inappropriate.”

Naturally she complained to the store manager, Ken Guth. She said she attempted to explain why some customers would be offended by the towel. She said he told her it was already sold out.

“There was absolutely no attempt to understand,” she said. “I walked out more upset than when I walked in.” Guth says she was “abrasive”.

“We would not order something that would deliberately be offensive to people,” Guth said. He confirmed that the towel has sold out and disagreed that it promoted rape culture to begin with.

“That’s just silly,” he said. “That towel is not offensive to men. I looked at it and I didn’t think the same thing Ms. Connell did. I didn’t think it exploited me, as a man. Maybe there’s something about the men in her life that makes her think this is offensive to them.”

The story has gathered steam both on Facebook and in the community of Charleston. Several have lashed out at the store, leaving poor reviews for the business on Facebook, Google and Yelp due to a campaign by militant feminists associated with the College of Charleston.

Picketers were seen outside the business earlier this week carrying placards reading “Protect the Sanctity of Men!”

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