Christmas Pringles

That headline is not a misprint, folks. Pringles — yes, the fake potato chip in a can — is coming out with a new holiday flavor called Sugar Cookie.

This is officially a thing now. Given the widespread and wildly popular trend of pumpkin spice everything manufacturers are rushing to market all kinds of seasonal flavors to boost sales. Last year, Pringles jumped at the chance to make white chocolate, pecan pie and salted carmel Pringles. And guess what? The junk sold.

So, this Christmas, look for these Christmas Sugar Cookie Pringles in the Christmas-sweater themed can. And yes, there is potato in them. And a host of other mystery ingredients.

Get them now because they are in short supply.

HW Longfellow

A moody and tragic figure, Mr. Longfellow joins Christmas Weekly after a distinguished career in which he wrote "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all". A wry observer of Christmas trends and controversies Longfellow tends to shine a light on the more negative aspects of the modern Christmas. But we know he's a purist at heart and actually waters his fake tree with great hope in his heart.

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