Christmas During the Revolution

Christmas During the American Revolution

Too many think Christmas in America was the invention of the Coca-Cola Company. Some think that Christmas just wasn’t celebrated in America before America was even America. There are some people who would take great exception to that. Especially George Washington.

Washington was a Christmas freak. He would hold lavish Christmas celebrations at Mt. Vernon and his style of “grog” was famous for its kick. So famous, in fact, that the cadets of West Point would fashion their eggnog after his and that would lead to one of the most celebrated Christmas celebrations in American military history. It was known as the Eggnog Riots and it is just one chapter of many that speaks of Christmas in America even in the early days.

In fact, the great melting pot that became the United States was stirred by the celebrations of Christmas. Everybody but something a little different to the American Christmas table and it all began, as most things American did, during the American Revolution.

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