Christmas Britain

Christmas Advert Season in Britain

BusterOur British cousins have several quirky Christmas customs. They love to shop by the glow of billions of Christmas lights that flip on in early November. They can’t understand eggnog even though they indirectly invented the stuff. And the breathlessly await the unveiling of Christmas commercials each holiday season that play like mini-movies.

Today is a much anticipated day. It is the day of the John Lewis advertisement of #BustertheBoxer. Here it is, enjoy:

Each commercial tells a heart warming or even tear jerking story. This year’s tale of Buster going nuts over a trampoline will be no different.

By the time this season is through that ad will have likely 100 million or more views.

It has become tradition to watch and re-watch the commercials and to judge them against past efforts.

And yes, the department store known as John Lewis will likely reap a handsome seasonal reward for their efforts because another great British tradition of Christmas is shopping.

Department stores in the UK could not be more different than those in America. American department stores are dying — slowly being stripped from malls and being bordered up. They are being replaced by websites that never close and the experience of just receiving purchased Christmas treasures from the FedEx man.

What Britain is re-teaching us about Christmas is that Christmas is a season to be savored for all of its charms. And these commercials are charming — something worth anticipating every year.

America has its share of iconic Christmas commercials. Unfortunately they are all about beer and about two decades old.

We could learn a lot from our British cousins.

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