Beware of Greedy Santas

Greedy Santas are everywhere this holiday season. Like everyone dealing with the realities of COVID-19 Santa Claus has made some adjustments. And he is ready to cash in like never before.

Malls are facing a record backlash as the rush has already begun to buy Christmas online. Mall Santas everywhere know they won’t be dealing with lines of kids this year.

Scamming SantaIn fact, just like other kinds of retailers the Santa business is facing a crash of epic proportions. Santa has no choice but to adjust.

So they are setting up shop online to not only give parents a place to connect with the Big Guy this year but also to elevate Santa’s profits in ever new ways.

For months now has been hustling to recruit hundreds of Santas who would normally be sitting in the big chair in a mall to instead park themselves in front of a webcam.

Starting at a whopping $40 parents can get their kid face to face with Santa online.

We are not sure what kind of gilded sleigh Santa is flying in this year but the money grab to cash in with Santa online this year is  breathtaking to witness.

We know Santa has to eat but the level of greed we are seeing is unprecedented.

Claiming to donate 10% of all proceeds to Toys for Tots (these Santa’s can obviously afford it), the site offers group or personalized video packages upwards of $100.

In fact, there is no end to the creative ways  that Santa’s money machine can generate revenue. Kids can talk to Santa, write to Santa, track Santa, and call Santa  — for a premium rate.

Oh, and that naughty list thing? Yeah, Santa can fix that for ya — for a price, of course.

Everywhere you turn, Santa has his hand out. It’s all about the money.

This is all nothing new. For years now the scams of Santa online have multiplied.

It was once dominated by letters-from-Santa schemes that charged as much as $50 or more to get something from Santa in the mail.

Those folks are still around —,, and sell not only letters but their own video and live-chat services — with a 90-day money back guarantee. (We’d love to see how that works).

But ever since Santa discovered the webcam the ways to connect online with him have just exploded. PortableNorthPole and VideoChatwithSanta have been around for several years exploiting kids and scamming parents in giving them five minutes for the same rates or higher that women selling sex online charge for their services.

We hope you don’t fall for these profiteers pretending to be Santa Claus.

The real Santa doesn’t approve of this stuff.

Besides, the real magic of Santa cannot really be bought. (Ask Dr. Seuss. What applies to Christmas applies to Santa).

There are plenty of places online where families can experience all the magic that Santa provides for free. No ads, no “services”, no charges.

We’ll point them out to you in another feature.

But for now, know that the links provided above are done as a public service.

Those aren’t affiliate links because WE won’t be associated with making money off of Santa. Those links are warnings.

Stay away from all of them.

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