Ancient Santa

Ancient Evidences of Santa Claus

Despite what all your punk 10-year old school playground chums say, Santa Claus is quite real.

Not only is he real, he’s been real for a long, long, long time.

Part of the hidden news from just last Christmas of 2017 was the discovery of a hidden and very ancient tomb that researchers say could be the lost tomb of THE Saint Nicholas.

It was found buried below St. Nicholas Church in Demre, a town on the coast of Turkey.

Santa's TombIf true, this fits the legend of the ancient figure of St. Nicholas still shared in schools and churches of the old world.

How famous was this man Nicholas?

His exploits were known around the world. Churches numbering in the thousands bear his name – and have for hundreds of years – due to his fame. In fact, aside from Jesus Christ, Nicholas is arguably the most famous Christian ever in history.

Nicholas is the patron saint of children, sailors and women. He became such due to legendary tales – some you have no doubt heard of before – such as bringing three boys back to life after they had been murdered, dismembered and pickled by an evil innkeeper.

Now, I know what you’re asking: if they found a tomb, doesn’t that mean that Santa… is dead?

Well, not necessarily.

You see, the great thing about being a saint is that miracles continue to be attributed to your name.

The name Santa Claus, of course, is a twisted distortion of the name Nicholas – or Saint Nicholas, if you will – brought on by either a mix of his name being said in different languages or a mangling of his name by enthusiastic three year olds the world over. Or both.

Regardless, the legend of Santa lives – and proof of his real, actual being survives – through modern science and archeology.

Do we live in a great time or what?

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