Abba Plans Christmas Return

Once upon a time a Swedish pop group called ABBA took the music world by storm. This was back in the 1970s and 1980s, kids. So you should know about them. Now they are coming back — just in time for Christmas.

Will Christmas be the theme of their return?

News that Abba had returned to the studio is not really news. But the bookies making odds and taking bets that Abba will shoot for the Christmas #1 is news — and it is big news. Fans have clamored for something Christmasy from Abba since, well, the 1970’s. Here is what they have imaginged an Abba Christmas song would be like:

Now, if you think that is terrible, you’re right because that’s NOT Abba. That’s just how someone has imagined Christmas coming from Abba would sound. Just for the sake of realism, here’s what made Abba such a big name in 1970s pop music:

Don’t let the obvious go unnoticed here: these are not native English speakers singing. And those shoes! Besides, they’re Swedish. We all know how Swedes feel about Christmas.

Ever since the group, which split in 1983, announced they were reuniting just this past April speculation has run rampant about what their new music would sound like. And don’t think for a second this isn’t a big deal. During their hay-day Abba sold upwards of 500 million records, easily making them the biggest band to come out of Europe and some say they were even bigger than that other Europe super-group known as The Beatles.

But can you count on something snappy from rockers nearing 70 years in age?

We doubt they will be wearing those costumes or showing that much leg. But don’t count these folks out. If they rocked once they will rock again. Hopefully this time for Christmas.

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