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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weird News

Santa Cam

Santa Cam Trend Keeps the Kids in Line

Millennial parents are skipping the hot trend of Elf on the Shelf from a few years ago and are now leaning on Santa himself to do the spying on kids. A stroll through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook reveals that young parents are using “Santa Cam” ornaments and other fake spy cameras to get their kids

Starbucks Cup 2016

Starbucks Christmas Cup of 2016 Will Please No One

Remember the fuss last year about the Starbuck’s Christmas cup? Just to jog your memory: a profiteering YouTuber made a video complaining that Starbuck’s plain red cups of a year ago were anti-Christian simply because they lacked any kind of Christmas design. The video went viral and Starbucks endured a season of being labeled a

Beaker Flips

A Muppet Christmas Debate: Did Beaker Flip the Bird?

Forget the great political debates raging these days. We’ve got a genuine Christmas mystery to solve and after more than a quarter century we’re still no closer to knowing the truth of it all. In The Muppet Christmas Carol the vocabulary-challenged character of Beaker plays one of the English gentlemen who visit Scrooge early in

Vagina Ornament

No Kidding — It is a Vagina Ornament

Available this Christmas for the first time ever — and only from Canada, of course — comes what their creator calls Vaginaments. They are Christmas ornaments fashioned after vaginas. They sell for nearly $20. “Each vaginament is my own design, and each is endearingly cut, assembled, and entirely stitched by hand in my dining room

Christmas Presents Nobody Buys

In a watershed moment for every Christmas season Neiman Marcus, the swanky department store nobody shops at, released it’s annual Christmas catalog featuring Christmas presents nobody ever buys. It gets a ton of free publicity every year and Christmas Weekly, ever the lead sheep in any parade, is no different. Did I just say that?

Christmas Pringles

Christmas Pringles

That headline is not a misprint, folks. Pringles — yes, the fake potato chip in a can — is coming out with a new holiday flavor called Sugar Cookie. This is officially a thing now. Given the widespread and wildly popular trend of pumpkin spice everything manufacturers are rushing to market all kinds of seasonal