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Mrs. Claus is…Not Nice

Okay, okay….so the British like their commercials to play like little movies. We don’t need them to make social statements. Behold the new ad from Marks and Spencer, which we can only assume is a snooty British department store. Their […]

Christmas Advert Season in Britain

Our British cousins have several quirky Christmas customs. They love to shop by the glow of billions of Christmas lights that flip on in early November. They can’t understand eggnog even though they indirectly invented the stuff. And the breathlessly […]

Office Christmas Party Trailer #2 Released

More people will see this trailer than will see this movie — Office Christmas Party. There are two reasons for that. First, like many trailers, this condenses the entire movie down to two minutes. Honestly, you’re not missing anything here […]

Patrick Stewart’s Weird Christmas Video

We’ve seen Sir Patrick Stewart in a lot of Christmas stuff — from Scrooge to Make it So — but this home video of the good Captain just might be the weirdest Christmas video we have ever seen: What’s going […]

Japan Hates Santa

When it comes to Christmas and the happiness that Santa Claus brings the Japanese just aren’t drinking the kool-aid. According to an acclaimed “scientist” in Japan, there’s just no way that Santa Claus exists. As this video below points out […]

Reese’s Christmas Turds are Back

Of the many controversies of Christmas last year none was more inexplicable than the Reese’s Christmas Tree Turd controversy. For years and years Hershey has produced and pushed out to convenience stories and markets everywhere a Christmas-tree shaped version of […]

Hallelujah, Pentatonix is Back for Christmas

They are the image of screwed up Millennials. Sexually confused, woefully pierced and sporting all the right hipster hair styles. But they are uber, baby. Uber talented. Uber hot. And uber, uber all over Christmas. They are, of course, Pentatonix, […]

Santa Baby!

Nothing is better than a babe breathing sweet nothings while stroking a guitar. That’s all you have to know about champion yodeler Tiffany Jo Allen is this fan-favorite YouTube of her crooning for Santa to come down her chimney.