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Sunday, March 26, 2017

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PC Police Cry Fowl over Christmas Dishtowel

Charleston, South Carolina is home to the latest violation of political correctness tied to Christmas. A gift shop there sold festive gift towel featuring a sprig of mistletoe with the words “Implied Consent” emblazoned below it. That was enough to outrage one female shopper. College of Charleston student Caroline Connell, 21, noticed the dish towel

PETA bans reindeer

PETA Wants to Ban Reindeer

PETA is out to get Santa’s reindeer. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are calling on city officials in Brisbane, Australia to skip using live reindeer in the annual city Christmas celebrations this year. The annual Christmas parade, which runs from the December 16 till Christmas Eve, features locally bred red deer as part


Thieves Steal 300-Pound Ornament

Thieves have stolen a 300-pound Christmas ornament that is 8-feet tall from a Houston area shopping center. The ornament has a value greater than $7000. Shopping center officials indicate the ornament disappeared during the overnight hours between Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Surveillance video is being reviewed and the Houston Police Department is investigating the

Hipster nativity

Hipster Nativity is the Worst Idea Ever

They should have a contest for the worst Christmas idea ever. If they did the all new Hipster Nativity would take the prize. For just $130 bucks you can own the characters of the Nativity re-imagined as modern millennials. Really. There’s Hispter Joseph (with the man-bun) shown taking a selfie at the manger with adoring

Yule Goat

Yule Goat Set on Fire Again

Sweden has the odd tradition of the Yule Goat — a giant, festively decorated goat made of straw that is erected outside of an Ikea store in the city of Gavle. For the 35th time since 1966 it was set on fire and destroyed this week. This is how Swedes celebrate Christmas, folks. They build

Christmas Britain

Christmas Advert Season in Britain

Our British cousins have several quirky Christmas customs. They love to shop by the glow of billions of Christmas lights that flip on in early November. They can’t understand eggnog even though they indirectly invented the stuff. And the breathlessly await the unveiling of Christmas commercials each holiday season that play like mini-movies. Today is

Santa Claus

Santa Claus Surges in Latest Polls

Frustrated American voters are engaging in a write-in campaign hoping to elect Santa Claus as President of the United States. Recent polls in Florida, Ohio and especially in North Dakota show Santa surging with as much as 5% of the vote in some areas. Santa himself was asked about the possibility of entering the race

Starbucks Cup 2016

Starbucks Christmas Cup of 2016 Will Please No One

Remember the fuss last year about the Starbuck’s Christmas cup? Just to jog your memory: a profiteering YouTuber made a video complaining that Starbuck’s plain red cups of a year ago were anti-Christian simply because they lacked any kind of Christmas design. The video went viral and Starbucks endured a season of being labeled a

Offensive Shirt

Petition Blasts Store Over Christmas Shirt

It’s not even Halloween yet and the crazies are out already complaining about Christmas fashions. Last year, a hubbub in the U.S. and Canada arose over shirts claiming the wearer had O.C.D — Obsessive Christmas Disorder — and that the shirt mocked those with a real disorder. A similar claim is gaining some speed online

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