Author: Klement Klark Klaus

K. Klark Klaus is a former professor of theology and, as an academic, abhors the titles of "writer" and "reporter". As a New Yorker he was prominent on his essays on religion for many decades before retiring with his wife to Vermont, where he raises reindeer and writes, er, opines for Christmas Weekly.

Thieves Steal 300-Pound Ornament

Thieves have stolen a 300-pound Christmas ornament that is 8-feet tall from a Houston area shopping center. The ornament has a value greater than $7000. Shopping center officials indicate the ornament disappeared during the overnight hours between Tuesday and Wednesday […]

Yule Goat Set on Fire Again

Sweden has the odd tradition of the Yule Goat — a giant, festively decorated goat made of straw that is erected outside of an Ikea store in the city of Gavle. For the 35th time since 1966 it was set […]

Petition Blasts Store Over Christmas Shirt

It’s not even Halloween yet and the crazies are out already complaining about Christmas fashions. Last year, a hubbub in the U.S. and Canada arose over shirts claiming the wearer had O.C.D — Obsessive Christmas Disorder — and that the […]

Patrick Stewart’s Weird Christmas Video

We’ve seen Sir Patrick Stewart in a lot of Christmas stuff — from Scrooge to Make it So — but this home video of the good Captain just might be the weirdest Christmas video we have ever seen: What’s going […]

Reese’s Christmas Turds are Back

Of the many controversies of Christmas last year none was more inexplicable than the Reese’s Christmas Tree Turd controversy. For years and years Hershey has produced and pushed out to convenience stories and markets everywhere a Christmas-tree shaped version of […]