Author: Chuck Dickins

A Christmas purist with an enthusiastic style, sometimes almost poetic. Chuck is a master of Christmas storytelling with a keen eye for social history and a stickler for yuletide decorum, tradition and legend. Chuck writes on all holiday topics, usually with unbridled joy and unvarnished delight.

Put the Death Star at the Top of Your Tree

It’s a Star Wars Christmas and the evidence of that doesn’t get any strong than this new product available just in time for trimming your tree. No, it’s not a star that proclaims Peace on Earth. It is the Death […]

Christmas Advert Season in Britain

Our British cousins have several quirky Christmas customs. They love to shop by the glow of billions of Christmas lights that flip on in early November. They can’t understand eggnog even though they indirectly invented the stuff. And the breathlessly […]

Twitter Erupts into a War on Christmas

It is November 1st and for whatever reason that’s a benchmark in celebrating Christmas and the battleground is on Twitter. As soon as the clock determined that Halloween was over Twitter exploded with tweets claiming Christmas had arrived: It's 1st […]

Christmas During the American Revolution

Too many think Christmas in America was the invention of the Coca-Cola Company. Some think that Christmas just wasn’t celebrated in America before America was even America. There are some people who would take great exception to that. Especially George […]

Eggnog Kibbles and Bits a Huge Hit with Dogs

The makers of Kibbles and Bits are celebrating a big victory with the successful marketplace roll out of Eggnog flavored Kibbles and Bits. Grocers from coast to coast are experiencing a run on the product because dogs just can’t seem […]