Author: Dr. Abbie Normal

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Make Christmas Great Again

There is a place called the Trump Store (of course) and it sells expensive stuff (no doubt), supposedly for the Trump Foundation (let me tell you). For sale is a $149 Christmas ornament shaped like the iconic Trump hat. It […]

Mrs. Claus is…Not Nice

Okay, okay….so the British like their commercials to play like little movies. We don’t need them to make social statements. Behold the new ad from Marks and Spencer, which we can only assume is a snooty British department store. Their […]

Japan Hates Santa

When it comes to Christmas and the happiness that Santa Claus brings the Japanese just aren’t drinking the kool-aid. According to an acclaimed “scientist” in Japan, there’s just no way that Santa Claus exists. As this video below points out […]

What is Offensive about Merry Christmas?

Late last Christmas a restaurant owner in little Greeley, Colorado put up a billboard on the edge of town that simply said “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”. The long time business owner was shocked to get complaints that the […]

Hallelujah, Pentatonix is Back for Christmas

They are the image of screwed up Millennials. Sexually confused, woefully pierced and sporting all the right hipster hair styles. But they are uber, baby. Uber talented. Uber hot. And uber, uber all over Christmas. They are, of course, Pentatonix, […]