Month: October 2016

Santa Claus Surges in Latest Polls

Frustrated American voters are engaging in a write-in campaign hoping to elect Santa Claus as President of the United States. Recent polls in Florida, Ohio and especially in North Dakota show Santa surging with as much as 5% of the […]

Petition Blasts Store Over Christmas Shirt

It’s not even Halloween yet and the crazies are out already complaining about Christmas fashions. Last year, a hubbub in the U.S. and Canada arose over shirts claiming the wearer had O.C.D — Obsessive Christmas Disorder — and that the […]

Patrick Stewart’s Weird Christmas Video

We’ve seen Sir Patrick Stewart in a lot of Christmas stuff — from Scrooge to Make it So — but this home video of the good Captain just might be the weirdest Christmas video we have ever seen: What’s going […]

Japan Hates Santa

When it comes to Christmas and the happiness that Santa Claus brings the Japanese just aren’t drinking the kool-aid. According to an acclaimed “scientist” in Japan, there’s just no way that Santa Claus exists. As this video below points out […]